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Black Mirror 0 – territory

Edited by Judith Noble, Dominic Shepherd and Robert Ansell

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Black Mirror is a peer-reviewed series that seeks to examine ways in which the occult and the esoteric have been at the heart of art practice now and throughout the modernist period. It is produced by a group of artists and researchers and much of the work examined will be practice-led. Hence this volume includes both essays on contemporary and modernist work, and new works by artists. This first volume explores the contested territories of both the arts and the esoteric, which are inhabited by artists, occult practitioners and academics alike.


Premium cloth in dust-jacket
Mirror-black endpapers
9.1 x 6.3 inches (23cm x 16cm)
124 pages
23 colour images
English text


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El Pais
Visual Culture in Britain 18:1 (2017)

Black Mirror 0 as a whole is a praise-worthy initiative, whose ambition and production values set a high bar.

Visual Culture in Britain (2017)


Introduction – Judith Noble, Dominic Shepherd and Robert Ansell
Lifting the Veil: Esoteric Interpretations of Seven Contemporary Artists – Jesse Bransford
Considering the Esoteric Aesthetic: Practice, Context and Reception – Amy Hale
From Mondrian to Charmion von Wiegand: Neoplasticism, Theosophy and Buddhism – Massimo Introvigne
The Fool and the Mirror: Concerning the Relations between Art, Magic and the Academy – Julian Vayne
The Secret Life of Objects – Marie von Heyl in interview with Daniel Zamani
Surrealism’s Popular Occultism: From H. P. Lovecraft to H. Rider Haggard – Gavin Parkinson
Creative Destruction: The Alchemy of the (Art) Market – Ulli Seegers

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