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Elaine Knight

Elaine Knight


Elaine Knight was born in London in 1952. She has an MA in art and she uses a variety of media to create installations and artists’ books. She has been very active in the London esoteric scene during the last two decades before going on walkabout for several years. Now her home is on the ancient escarpment overlooking the river Severn in Gloucestershire.



I:MAGE 2014

I:MAGE – Travelling with Unfamiliar Spirits Curated by Robert Ansell and Livia Filotico Cob Gallery, London October 21st–November 2nd, 2014 OVERVIEW I:MAGE 2014 developed the ideas of the 2013 programme to deliver a multi-location London-based event over twelve days. Centred upon a commercial exhibition of esoteric art at the Cob Gallery, the schedule included artist-led [...]