Under the Eye: A Brief History of Fulgur

with a bibliography 1992-2012

Robert Ansell (editor)

On August 9th, 1992, FULGUR was born. Our founding principles were simple; to revive and develop Aleister Crowley’s philosophy of the book as a talismanic object; to champion quality and longevity in book design, and moreover, to celebrate and promote magical artists such as Austin Osman Spare. In the early days, some of these ideas were very much against the occult zeitgeist, which was often pre-occupied with the fast and cheap dissemination of information, but over time support began to grow and the founding principles took root. Today, the idea that the book itself can be an expression of magical intent has found a new generation of enthusiasts.

This book briefly discusses the strange circumstances surrounding the formation of the company, offers context for our development, and provides a full bibliography of our titles from 1992-2012. With rare photographs and anecdotes, this is sure to be an essential companion for those interested in the origins of the contemporary revival in occult publishing.


It is in no small part due to Fulgur that rather than going the way of the dodo, the finely designed and produced esoteric book field has blossomed over the last twenty years. CLIVE HARPER

OPPOSITE: Our first title, The Witches’ Sabbath by Austin Osman Spare, 1992

Ontological Graffiti

Michael P. Bertiaux

Ontological Graffitti contains perhaps Bertiaux’s most lucid writing to date. Here he explores the work conducted in the Hyde Park Lodge between the late 1960s and mid-1970s and presents the art which empowered many of the workings and the documents and papers that served to record these experiences. It was during this period that Bertiaux produced some of his best-known work, including Cosmic Meditation and many of the Monastery papers. Ontological Graffitti may be considered as a personal guidebook for spiritual-gnostic explorations and revelations.

The Hyde Park Lodge was able to tap into extra-dimensional, transcendental mind-forms, and develop methods to understand and make use of  inner-plane communications. This book details the work which allowed this ability, and serves as a magical record of a group of seekers discovering gnostic and vudu pathways and making use of the tremendous energy and knowledge gained from traveling them. MICHAEL BERTIAUX


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