Rik Garrett


Rik Garrett was born and raised in Washington State. Against the grey skies and green foliage of the Pacific Northwest he spent his formative years combating the boredom of mundane daily life by creating artwork, writing stories and reading books about the fantastic and mysterious. Garrett was given his first camera at the age of six. He watched his mother study photography and eventually open her own portrait studio.

At the age of 14 he followed her lead and picked up his first real camera – a Nikon that his grandmother had given his father.  Lacking any overt religious or cultural traditions, he latched onto photography as a family heritage. This obsession led him to concentrate not just on film and the darkroom, but historic procedures such as the wet plate collodion process.

Over the years Garrett found historical connections between his seemingly divergent interests: the medium of photography being married to esoteric studies throughout history via spirit photography, Thoughtography, Radionics and Parapsychology.  Drawing on the historical precedent of the apparently static realm of analog photography having been used to document the invisible, he has adopted, revived and expanded upon esoteric photographic practices in order to explore personal subject matter.

Garrett currently lives in Chicago, where he teaches in the photography department at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  His work has been exhibited around the United States and Europe.