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Silvia Argiolas

Silvia Argiolas


Silvia Argiolas was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1977. In 2008 she took part in the public exhibition Arrivi e Partenze, curated by Alberto Fiz and Walter Gasperoni. She has had several solo shows in Italy and internationally, among which are Walk on the Wild Side, curated by Roberto Fantoni, Silvia Argiola Solo Show (Toronto, 2013) and You Are Not Really So Bad (Modena, 2012). She lives and works in Milan.



Leonora Carrington and the Tarot

A major arcana by the surrealist Leonora Carrington will be published by FULGUR PRESS later this year.

Black Mirror Slider

Black Mirror: Magic in Art

An exhibition of esoteric art and performance in the heart of Dorset.

Fulgur Lapel slider

At Twenty-Five: An Open Letter

Robert Shehu-Ansell reflects upon making magical books.

Ithell 1960s

Ithell Colquhoun and the Decad of Intelligence

A short documentary from FULGUR FILM introducing the artist’s life and work.


Ithell Colquhoun returns to the Slade School of Fine Art

The first ritual performance of Colquhoun’s innovative work, ‘Decad of Intelligence’.


I:MAGE 2014

I:MAGE – Travelling with Unfamiliar Spirits Curated by Robert Ansell and Livia Filotico Cob Gallery, London October 21st–November 2nd, 2014 OVERVIEW I:MAGE 2014 developed the ideas of the 2013 programme to deliver a multi-location London-based event over twelve days. Centred upon a commercial exhibition of esoteric art at the Cob Gallery, the schedule included artist-led [...]

I:MAGE 2013

I:MAGE – An Inaugural Exhibition of Esoteric Artists Curated by Robert Ansell Store Street Gallery, London  – 19-25th May, 2013 OVERVIEW The first I:MAGE was a seven day commercial exhibition of  esoteric art curated by FULGUR and hosted by the Store Street Gallery. The venue was chosen due to it's proximity to Treadwell's Bookshop, who [...]