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Ira Cohen

Ira Cohen


Ira Cohen (1935-2011) was an American poet, publisher, photographer and filmmaker. He travelled widely, most notably to Morocco where he published GNAOUA, a magazine devoted to exorcism, and later to Kathmandu, where he founded his Bardo Matrix imprint, issuing limited edition books printed on rice paper. His later years in NYC consolidated his role as one of the most important voices of American counter-culture.


Abraxas #2


Edited by Robert Ansell and Christina Oakley Harrington

200 copies only
with an ORIGINAL signed and numbered silkscreen-print by Barry William Hale entitled Regina Phasmatum.

024_061 LSD '69 (End of The Sixties LIFE Magazine)

Mylar Magic: The Photography of Ira Cohen

Allan Graubard discusses the stories behind Ira Cohen’s Mylar Chamber.