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Dolorosa de la Cruz

Dolorosa de la Cruz


Dolorosa de la Cruz is a visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her Art is an on going enquiry into spiritual, magical and esoteric matters, through the female sensibility.
Capturing phantastical and talismanic presences, observing their mysteries and sexualities, through drawing, sculpture, object making. Her allies in this journey are her familiars, occult practices, surrealist games, literature, poetry and always in kinship with the Chthonic and Elemental.

Her art has been exhibited in Dublin, Belfast, London, New York, Seattle, Brussels, Poland and Chile. It has also been published in several contemporary Occult and Art Journals and books.


I:MAGE 2014

I:MAGE – Travelling with Unfamiliar Spirits Curated by Robert Ansell and Livia Filotico Cob Gallery, London October 21st–November 2nd, 2014 OVERVIEW I:MAGE 2014 developed the ideas of the 2013 programme to deliver a multi-location London-based event over twelve days. Centred upon a commercial exhibition of esoteric art at the Cob Gallery, the schedule included artist-led [...]

I:MAGE 2013

I:MAGE – An Inaugural Exhibition of Esoteric Artists Curated by Robert Ansell Store Street Gallery, London  – 19-25th May, 2013 OVERVIEW The first I:MAGE was a seven day commercial exhibition of  esoteric art curated by FULGUR and hosted by the Store Street Gallery. The venue was chosen due to it's proximity to Treadwell's Bookshop, who [...]