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Dan Harms

Dan Harms


Dan Harms is a librarian and author whose interests include Lovecraft, the Cthulhu Mythos, grimoires, the history of magic, and rôleplaying games. His books include The Necronomicon Files(1998, with John Wisdom Gonce III),The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia (2008), The Book of Oberon (with James Clark and Joseph Peterson) (2015) and Of Angels, Demons, and Spirits (with James Clark) (2019). His articles have appeared in Fortean TimesThe Journal for the Academic Study of MagicThe Journal of Scholarly PublishingParanoiaImelodLe Bulletin de l’Université de MiskatonicWorlds of CthulhuCthuloide Welten, and The Unspeakable Oath.


Abraxas #2

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Edited by Robert Ansell and Christina Oakley Harrington

200 copies only
with an ORIGINAL signed and numbered silkscreen-print by Barry William Hale entitled Regina Phasmatum.