Founded during the late summer of 1992 by Robert Ansell, Gavin W. Semple and Hayley Tong, Fulgur was conceived to provide a nexus between the creative current that informs the work of Austin Osman Spare and modern collectors and students of the occult. Appearing in October of that year, the company’s first book by the artist – titled Axiomata and The Witches’ Sabbath – received critical acclaim. Notably published tête-bêche, it was also the first book of the modern era that was issued with an explicit talismanic intent.

The following year the company began to seek living authors, and by 1994 work had commenced on QUTUB, a book of Sufi-inspired poetry by a then little known writer and artist, Andrew Chumbley. QUTUB was published in the summer of 1995 and was followed that winter by Gavin Semple’s Zos-Kia. After the closure of Skoob Book’s esoteric publishing division, in 1997 Kenneth and Steffi Grant entrusted their important ‘mémoire-grimoire’ on Spare to a newly incorporated Fulgur Limited. Issued as a lavish quarto, the publication of Zos Speaks! in 1999 was widely regarded as a landmark in independent occult publishing. It remains the most comprehensive work on Spare to date.

In 2004 the Chicago-based artist and writer Michael Bertiaux joined the list of Fulgur authors. At the time Michael was best known for his 1988 masterpiece The Voudon Gnostic Workbook, and yet his work as an esoteric artist was equally powerful, but had been largely overlooked. Thus, a new illustrated Fulgur edition of Cosmic Meditation in 2007 was followed in 2010 by the full colour Vudu Cartography, the first entirely new book from Bertiaux in 22 years. Both were highly praised, and further titles are in production.

Recently, works from several younger esoteric author-artists have been also been issued: Barry William Hale’s Legion 49, David Chaim Smith’s The Sacrificial Universe, and Orryelle’s ground-breaking inter-volume Tela Quadrivium series. In 2009 the company also began to publish Abraxas: An International Journal of Esoteric Studies. Co-edited with Christina Oakley-Harrington of Treadwell’s Bookshop, Abraxas offers an engaging yet scholarly arena in which the intersection between esotericism and culture is explored. As with other titles from the company, the production ethos for the journal places an emphasis upon quality and longevity.

Managing Director
Robert Ansell

General Editor, New York
Pam Grossman

General Editor, London
Merlin Cox

Consultant Editor, Oxford
Gavin W. Semple

Press and Publicity
Ellen Hausner

Black Mirror, Editorial Board
Jesse Bransford
Merlin Cox
Amy Hale
Massimo Introvigne
Judith Noble
Gavin Parkinson
Ulli Seegers
Dominic Shepherd

Publisher’s Assistant
Shamana Prideaux-Brune