I:MAGE 2014 - Travelling with Unfamiliar Spirits

 Cob Gallery,  London. October 21st – November 2nd 2014. 

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I:MAGE 2014 – Events

  • I:MAGE Opening Night - Tuesday October 21st 6pm. Free but Requires RSVP.
  • The Colours of Western Esotericism:Workshop with Jesse Bransford – Wednesday October 22nd. Info & Tickets.
  • The Veil of Dreams: Seidr Magic & Art: Robert Wallis in conversation with Jesse Bransford – Thursday October 23rd, 7:30pm. Info & tickets.
  • Fulgur Conference of Esoteric Art - Saturday October 25th, 10am. Info & tickets.
  • The Divine Feminine in Art. Caroline Wise in Conversation with Liz Insogna – Tuesday October 28th, 7:30pm. Info & Tickets.
  • Black Mirror Vol 0: Book Launch + Performance by Mark Titchner – Thursday October 30th, 7pm. Free but requires RSVP.
  • Embodied Spirits and Fetishes: Lecture by David Graeber – Saturday November 1st, 7pm. Info & tickets.
  • Closing Party + Ritual Installation - Saturday November 1st, 9pm. Free but requires RSVP.
  • Abraxas Luminous Screen: Launch Party + Screenings + Discussions – Sunday November 2nd, 6pm. Info & tickets.